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About This Service

PEOPLE HATE SPEECHES. Why? Because the speakers are often unprepared and don't respect their audience.

When you speak for your audience, your remarks are concise, to the point, and enjoyable to hear. People marvel at your ability to touch their hearts and tickle their funnybones.

Unfortunately, most people are not trained in creating excellent speeches. This can include Rabbis, teachers, and even professionals such as lawyers. Have you ever sat through a sermon that seemed to go on forever?

You understand, and that's why you're here. You want to have people sit back and say, "Wow! That was amazing!" Together, we can do that.

Most importantly, I don't tell you what to say; I help you crystallize YOUR thoughts, then set them into a message that conveys and illustrates them.

People don't hate speeches. They hate what some people pass off as speeches. Don't fall into that trap. Be prepared, respect your audience, and speak for them, not just to hear your own voice.

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